Here Are Some Common Questions We Get At SocialBot

What does your agency do?

We are a service provider for digital ad agencies that leverage our use automation and machine learning to build, manage, and create Facebook and Instagram ads for car dealership clients.

How much do your services cost?

Our pricing starts at $100 per location for a catalog data feed service.  You can also add on automated ad placement and management services for as little as $100 per location as well.

How long does it take to get a campaign turned on?

It typically takes between 2 business days to setup and requires a 30-minute setup video call between our technical team and the person who is the admin of the Facebook business manager so we can get everything configured to run from within your own Facebook Ad Account.

What does the on-boarding and setup process look like?

The flow is pretty simple.  We have some docs for onboarding your first client.  Next, we set up a call to configure your Facebook Business Manager, then we turn on the campaigns as specified.  After initial setup, it only takes a matter of minutes to add additional locations and campaigns.

Where are your offices?

We are based in Chattanooga, TN and our offices are actually part of an actual car dealership which allows us to stay on the pulse of what car dealership are doing and how they engage with clients in combination with digital marketing efforts.

How long have you been doing this business?

We actually got our start coming out of the Facebook Accelerator in 2016.  We were the first group accepted into their accelerator to build a solution for automotive through their marketing APIs.  Since then we’ve changed our model and solution offerings a few times and we’d like to think for the better.

Can I run ads from my own ad account in Facebook?

Yes, we set it up to work that way on purpose.  We want to be the service behind the curtain.  We realize agencies already have access to their dealership pages on Facebook and we run our tool from your system so we can be completely transparent.  This gives you a way to see the ads being placed and get full analytics that Facebook provides.

Does your support for Google Analytics and Tag Manager cost extra?

No, we will help you configure tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics even if you have little experience with it.  Our aim is to provide you with data that demonstrates how well our ads are doing relative to other paid traffic.  We’re not big fans of cherry picking data which is why we provide reporting and methods of measuring the effectiveness of ads as part of our offering.

Why does bounce rate or session time not tell the whole story?

Session time counts on page visits as 0 seconds in Google Analytics even is a user spends 6 minutes on the page then leaves …its still counts as 0 seconds because of Google’s method of calculating sesssion which needs a second page to trigger a timer to link it to.  The better metric to use is Time on Page.

Bounce Rate is a goal we try to reach 100% of the time!  Say what!  Yes, our ads show users 12 different pieces of inventory based on their behavioral body style of interest targeting.  What that means is the user is already pre-selecting the car of interest so once they get that info they often leave because they already went to the car they were interested in reading about.  What we do is add in Google Tag Manager triggers that track engagement so we can show you how engaged that user was during their page visit which is WAY more effective as a measure of success.